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Buddha Burgers

Yehuda HaLevy 21 (at Herzl Street)   03-5101222

A purely vegan restaurant with a cozy atmosphere, customer-friendly prices and a very wide selection of dishes. You order at the counter, go find a table and they’ll call your name when your order is ready.

The menu is in both English and Hebrew, with details on all ingredients. The selection on the menu is incredible, and it seems to expand every few months. In fact, the selection is so vast it can get confusing! Popular dishes are highlighted on the menu. You’ll also find  a “mini menu” of recommended dishes at the start. If in doubt or in a hurry, go for the classic Buddha Burger or a borrito or the eggplant lasagne, and don’t miss out on the smoothies!

There’s also a beautiful selection of vegan desserts, but not every item on the menu is available daily, so check the fridge to see what’s on offer that day. 

Everything is vegan, with raw and gluten free options clearly marked on the menu.

The restaurant advocates veganism and animal rights and found a great way to actively support these causes. If you’re a regular customer, you can get a club card. When you accumulate 25 shekels, you can use it to pay for your next meal or donate the money to one of the charities that help animals, a list of which you’ll find at the restaurant. If you choose to donate the money, Buddha Burgers will add 50% to the sum donated.and also donates money to various animal rights and animal welfare charities.

Buddha Burgers also runs vegan cooking workshops.

Sun. - Thu.: 11am - midnight

Fri.: 11am - 5pm

Sat.: End of Shabbath - midnight

Buddha Burgers II

Even Gvirol  86 , 03-5223040

A second and smaller Buddha Burgers restaurant, at a convenient location across the street from Rabin Square, on Even Gvirol, a street lined with cafes and restaurants.
The menu is similar to the one at the main restaurant, but with a smaller selection. Prices are reasonable and although the place is small the atmosphere is very pleasant.
Sun. - Thu.: 11am - 11pm 
Fri.: 11am - 4pm
Sat.: Closed.

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